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Fireclay Bricks

These are primarily used for:

  • blast furnaces and other shaft kilns linings
  • linings of pig-irons and steel pouring ladles
  • steel casting
  • linings of protective layers in heating devices
fireclay bricks

Basic Bricks

Manufactured on base of high grade raw materials:
  • fired magnesia bricks
  • fired and unfired magnesia-chrome bricks chemically bonded and steel-clad
  • resin bonded magnesia-carbon bricks
  • magnesia-spinel bricks

Our products are mainly used in:

  • furnaces in the steel and non-ferrous metal industries
  • rotary and shaft kilns in the cement industry
basic bricks

Dolomite Bricks

  • dolomite bricks
  • dolomite magnesia bricks
  • unfired, tempered, pitch, ecological pitch or resin bounded bricks
  • with or without graphite additive

These products are primarily used in:

  • oxygen converters
  • steel casting ladles
dolomite bricks

Insulating and special products

Insulating inserts for ingot moulds: these products are of high quality. The main advantages are low apparent densitiy, high elasticity and modulus of rupture, good insulating and exothermic properties as well as easy assembling. insulating products

Unshaped products

The factory also produces a wide assortment of unshaped products like mortars, mixes and fluxing agents:
  • mixes for runners of blast furnaces
  • gunning mixes
  • ramming mixes
  • fireclay and basic mortars
  • refractory concretes
  • burnt lime and dolomite clinker
unshaped products
unshaped products
dolomite bricks, refractory products, fireclay bricks, magnesia bricks